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Music Artists


Tear it down, start again.

Allen Gates


Apollo Knaul

My name is Apollo,
i love midi, i love jaming on the keys and synth. check out some beats ill upload. and watch trailerparkboys and ren n stimpy, youll thank me latron..........laun


AtM (AmirtheMalcolm) – a Hip hop duo/defenders of evil and wack shit. Born and raised on the grimy streets of North side Saint Louis shaped us to want better for ourselves as well as our people and we incorporate that in our music.

Atto Pilot

Bernice Lane

Betty Dawson

Bigg Iceberg

St . Louis Hip Hop Artist

Big Whodie

Bo Dean

Born Jeffrey Terrell Dean, the Midwest rapper affectionately known as Bo Dean, hails from Hazelwood Mo. Just north of St. Louis.
Bo’s passion for rap started at the age of twelve when he bought his first rap album, entitled “ Big Willie.”...

Lamar Olson


Calhoun born Cameron Shamar Hillman(December 11,1987) is an upcoming artist out of St.Louis. He was raised in a single household by his mother along with his two older brother's.He graduated from Hazelwood West in May of 2007. After he graduated he f...


Kendall Franklin

Chad Sloan



Chef Davey


Derek Obrien

Dj Hb smooth

Allister Gunter

wade drayton

St.Louis HipHop artist Wade Drayton
Label: SuperCoolSoundZ
#SuperCoolClique #LoveSoundZ tees coming soon
DREAMS OF VANITY is my titled demo releasing SOON









Wendy Gould



From the beginning Hystory had a knack for music as his grandfather had a music collection of over 1,000 records spanning from Louis Armstrong to Prince. In fact, it wasn't until later that rap was even introduced to Hystory. After being told by a fa...

Ian Daugherty

KJ Golden

KJ Golden was born in Little Rock, Ar. Since the time she was born, she has always had a passion for music. She grew up listening to artist such as Biggie Smalls, New Edition, and TLC. After taking a poetry class in the 5th grade, KJ developed a pa...




Jeffrey Atkins

Jen Davis

Joel Kelly

i jam as aeronaut.
i play thee ol stick and puck.
i love my beeb and thee ol "D man"


me the sea

Check out my band at


Justin (Jmula) Tremaine McNeely born in February 5th 1993 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Started writing when he was 10 years old, ever since then he has be on his grind. Now he is a Recording Artist with G3M Enterprise along with another Artist Lo Thraxx...

Journii Walker


In the ever-evoling art of Hip Hop, which has diversified into many sub genres since its arrival, balance may seem like an almost impossiable task even for seasoned veterans and grandmasters of the music. The hip hop masses may find that there is a c...

DaKidd Sensai

Hailing from the south side of Saint Louis Missouri comes DaKidd Sensai. A lyrical & wordplay specialist, Sensai uses a unique style know as "Nerd-Core Trip Hop". Strongly influenced by American comic book & Japanese Manga.

Kid Vibe

St. Louis's Original Underground Hip Hop Group! "1990 - Current". "Golden Age" (or "golden era") True School! CULT STATUS!

Leroy Hunt

Laura Mooney

Lavelle Spitz

Lavelle Spitz. St. Louis Hip-Hop artist.
Cold Blooded Inc. Music Group. (C.B.I.)

Kasey Donovan

I love music and am drawn to ideas and messages larger than myself.


L-Gifted didn't choose to rhyme, rhyming chose him. The middle child of a working class family from just outside East St. Louis, it would be easily understood if Gifted succumbed to the struggle of life. From an early age he learned to defend himself...

Lo Thraxx

Lo Thraxx is a rap artist coming out of Little Rock, Arkansas. His music displays a lot of hard, metaphoric and lyrical, mind boggling, yet smooth, cool lyrics that pack a lot of substance that most people young and old can listen and relate to. He s...

Louie Boy

February 14th, Valentine's Day, is well known for being marked as the day of love. In St. Louis, Missouri, Valentine's Day, 1988 became marked as the birth of a baby named Louie Boy (aka Lz). With music flowing through his body before his first breat...


Real Music

Lucas Rivers

I skate, and do music.

Between Black and White

I'm Gunning Down Romance



As CEO of Dark Spade Entertainment Wade is trying to make a name for his team based on lyrical content and ability. growing up with a strong influence of conscious and gangster rap coupled with an affinity for poetry made becoming a recording Artist...

MWellz AKA MaRcy

Latest release from this indie Hip Hop/Rap artist out of St Louis, Mo.


Nimo, born Richard Blunt, and Sun-One, born Jarvis Blunt were raised in Chicago, IL on the south side. Destined to get out of their situation due to gang violence, poverty and little to no opportunities, Nimo started rapping at the young age of 10 ye...

Ira Richard


of the sun

my name is of the sun. i have gone by of the sun since 2009, and was first inspired to use the name after reading an article on “metaphor of the sun” which basically says that the sun is illumination, but not in the common sense of the word. il...

Ox Pimpin

Ox was born and raised in north St. Louis. Currently he is residing in St. Louis North County where he has been recording music since the age of 15. A long history with women, police encounters, and a heavy party life is what initially got him known....


Pancho Rucker

elena hursky

Raz Fresco

Rasquiz Alfred Johnson (born January 27, 1995), better known by his stage name, Raz Fresco, is a Canadian rapper and record producer from Brampton, Ontario. He is a member of the hip hop collective Bakersclub, with whom he has released four mixtapes....

Rell The Producer

I'm RelltheProducer. 24 years old. I make cocaine in audio form. Watch for your boy.... MAJOR MOVES. NO DAYS OFF.

Reup Von Wolfgang

Reup Von Wolfgang is a artist from the Midwest. He blends elements of everything he hears into his unique brand of music. Sitting down with the "Blackfoot Predator From The Valley of the Wolves", you quickly learn that he is as quirky as he sound in...

Riley B

Ryan Bell was born February 16, 1989 in North St. Louis Missouri. At the tender age of 12 he began to become addicted to hip hop music. Beat making on lunch tables to rushing home to watch B.E.T. and MTV music videos. Through these years he studied h...

Rockie Fresh

Rockwell Knuckles

Rockwell Knuckles is a hip hop/rap artist from St. Louis, Missouri. He has performed at SXSW and has been nominated for several Riverfront Times Music Awards. On August 30, 2010 a reviewer on wrote, "Every SXSW creates new stars. It's unde...


"RT-FaQ" is a modern musical artifact bound to be discovered by today's contemporary music archaeologists.

Ramel "RT-FaQ" Prince was born into adversity in East St. Louis during the late 80's. At 2 months old, both parents were incarcerated and a...

Ryan Doyle




Im an artist and I go by Samsâra. Iv been writing music for some time now and decided to try to make a little one man project of the music that speaks to me. I make music for the way it makes me feel, but i hope someone else can enjoy it too. Samsâ...

Sarah Michelle

"She is likely the most unknown artist on this list, but possibly one of the most talented individuals our city has to offer the world of music. St. Louis super-producer Tech Supreme has finally found an experimental pop artist that is capable of mes...

SD TheDizzleMan

Charles Crape, better known as "S.D. The Dizzleman" (Hip-Hop) is the collective's most interesting man. He doesn't always rap in a crew but, when he does... it's Doorway. While The Dizzleman certainly has street ties, his raps are not the typical str...

Shotta G

Shotta G was born and raised in a gritty inner-city community in East Kingston, Jamaica called Bower Banks. He has been living in the states for a while now (because of a college soccer scholarship) and has been located between Saint Louis, New York,...



Sir Real is an entrepreneur/artist. Born in St. Louis, and grew up in Berkley/Hazelwood/Florissant. All the music I do is for free. I make music to talk to those people who are close to me, and I feel I have a unique style. To me there is no right or...


swaggin even in my sleep YEAAAAA


They call me Skov. I am a co-founder, and current Director of Content Relations at FLUX9. I find upcoming artists and produce News, Reviews, and Features. My interests include technology, creating content, collecting blu-rays, writing a...

Sean Washington



Vocal Trendsetters

Follow My Twitter & IG swagkillem

T Dubb O

T Dubb O is a hip-hop artist born in Saint Louis, MO. He is as dedicated to the streets as he is to his art of music. He began freestyling at the age of 6 and progressed to writing, producing and recording by the age of 11.
In 2010, Dubb entered the...

Tef Poe

Born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, Kareem Jackson has been honing his weaponry in the war for music supremacy. Through his unwavering integrity, genuine rhymes and expansive delivery, Kareem better known as Tef Poe is proving to the world that...


Rahn CHILL Williams

Danger Dajour

The Domino Effect

Hip-Hop/Alternative/Soul Duo Recording Artist From St. Louis, MO. #InDueTime Out Now! Please Visit: THEDEMUSIC.COM For Any & Everything D.E.

The Goodfellas


This is an unofficial account.

"The ILLZ" is the stage name of American artist Delgis Jose Mustafa Rodriguez. He was born on July 6, 1986 in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic, the first born son of Dominican and Dominican/Lebanese parents.

As of 20...



Theresa Payne

With a voice that embodies pure passion and soul, Theresa Payne is definitely a rising star to watch for. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Theresa is taking her rightful place in today’s music scene. With her style dubbed “Inspirational Soul”,...

The Handsome Lonesomes

If we had to explain ourselves, we would say that we are just four people who grew up exposed to great influences, due to our amazing parents who granted us the opportunity to find each other on the coincidental path of earth. With inspirations rangi...


Tommy JiZoo Rice

Urban music lovers all over the world are enumerating artist/producer & Transmedia activist, Tommy JiZoo Rice to the list of extraordinary musical phenomenon. At only 21 years of age, JiZoo is claimed to be one of the most stupendous up-and-coming mu...

Tony D

Tony Walker

Tony Walker's first in studio EP "The Broke & Almost Famous" is currently under production under the Lot 7 Recordings camp. Engineered by Will Reeves of Centro Cellar Studios in Columbia, Mo, the EP is Tony's first project for the masses. It tells th...


I create original music. St.Louis born and raised. Singer, Songwriter, Actor. In love with art and music culture. Influenced by all genre's of music. I'm not chasing fame. Just enjoying wherever this ride takes me..


Hip-Hop artist from Duncanville/Dallas Tx with a message of self worth, positivity, and creativeness


Born in St. Louis, Kahsan Boykin (aka Tylan) was destined to perform. Born to his father - an American Marine, and his mother - a native of Thailand, he was taught to embrace both sides of his heritage. Having spent time in Sukhothai, Thailand with h...


My name is VeLL KeLe and I make music from experience and my feelings.By making music i Create BEATS, RAP,and Produce. Im a 100% everything I make is Classic. I WILL make a buzz and then blow from there... HELP SUPPORT IF U LIKE!!!!


View is a hip-hop artist from St. Louis, Missouri. The middle child of five brothers, Jeffrey Corrigan was born in 1986. He grew up in Normandy until 1998 when his father received a settlement for being in an accident at work. A trailer slid d...

Nick Menn

He's all business when it comes to his music but he has a lot of fun with it too. His music will make you smile and it will make you think. Nick Menn is not just another rap artist. He is a creative, gifted and intelligent crafter of words and a beat...


The REAL whiteout:

- Vibe Magazine & Eminem's 'No. 3 Stan'

Wiz Khalifa

Cameron Jibril Thomaz (born September 8, 1987), better known by the stage name Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper and singer-songwriter. He released his debut album, Show and Prove, in 2006, and signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2007. His Eurodance-i...

Yak Boy Fresh


Yung P

Zack Reckamp

My name is Zack Reckamp, most people who know me call me Zank. I play music at a place called de-lish in old town florissant every friday night. Im working on getting a band together to play some shows and record. I work at handyman hardware full-tim...