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Music Listeners

Mauricio Garcia

workaholic, drinker, smoker, partier, arachnophobic, soon to have a million tattoos. i play guitar and i listen to a lot of genres of music. i'm currently working on a solo album that sounds like coffeehouse rock!

Alex Booton

I run The Music-Rx -- peep it

Ashley Ezell

Still ALIVE who you love

al ezell

(@AutoStyles) I Flux wit it yea da flux 9

brent rogers


Colin Landforce

Terry Scott



I'm Hystory's booking agent and the CFO of #StepOrGetLeft.

Toboggan Tobias Rumsfeld


Society, you're a crazy breed.
I hope you're not lonely without me.

Emily Bubenik

My name is Emily. I'm 24 years old, been married for 2 years, 20 weeks pregnant with a little girl, Brielle Elise and I work at a Banquet Center, which I love doing.

emma miller

alex fish

"an object at rest will tend to stay at rest,
an object in motion will tend to stay in motion"

-Isaac Newton

Kim Franke

Chris B

Curtis Salisbury


im heather. i love @aeronath and Between Black and White and Mark Muehling

Heavy Horse

post punk three piece from St. Louis MO looking to make the world a funner place. funner.

Jordan lake- Guitar/ Vocals
Seth Rodgers- Bass/ Vocals
Dominick Valli- Drums/ Vocals

kyle g

jeffrey corrigan

Jimmy Dolan

I am that one fella who knows another fella who knows anotha fella that flux with it. Real talk all day, every day, every minute, every second, possibly even every other week. I do's it like that.

James Russell

john s barn


Josh Schneider



Graphic Designer, Dancer, Mac Enthusiast, Social Network Junkie, Music Listener & Wife to Ryan Meyers

Kris Goldsmith

Kenny Reilly

Nick Lamberti

Joe Abbott

Loko Diamond

Artist & Producer from London, United Kingdom... follow me on twitter too Loko Diamond ... Collabs/Beats/Bookings please email:

Jane Jones

Paul Lisciandrello

Eileen Sandlin


My name is mark. I am Samsâra. I love music and my son Chase and my friends and family. I have a dream to inspire the world with music and love

Matt Belko


Megan Heise

Megan Mahoney


michelle romero

Nancy Knickmeyer

Natalie Sandlin


website designer's sister-in-law :)

Spencer Bubenik

Nick Tolias



Music is passion, lyrics are paint, and instruments are the brushes. All together combined, bringing us here. To flux with it.

Terry Edwards


We are a start up that helps promote and share St.Louis music period. Our oal is to help put St.Louis on the map so our local artist have a chance at breaking the chains that keep them down here in da Lou!!