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Tagged #of

T Dubb O
published a news article
State of EmergencyState of Emergency

T-Dubb-O takes nothing but head shots at St. Louis & National Government about the State of Emergency that was illegally issued in Ferguson/St.Louis, MO. Calls out Steve Stenger, Ron Johnson, Chief Dotson, Chief Belmar, & President Obama while explaing there has been an emergency for black people for over 400 years. This is one of the hardest records of 2015!...Read More

#State #Of #Emergency, #Fuck #Yo #State #of #Emergency, #Which #Emergency, #T-Dubb-O, #TDubbO, #T #Dubb #O, #Drake, #6 #God, #Delmar #Records, #Moblyfe, #St. #Louis,

August 12, 2015 | Comments (13)
6 people flux with it
uploaded music
a moment in timea moment in time
demo song #ofthesun has been working on. first song we have heard post transmission....

#ofthesun #ambient #instrumental
November 26, 2011 | Comments (5)
grafxguye fluxes with it
#np Transmission by #ofthesun November 25, 2011 | Post a Comment
The other awesome idea we have is #officialtags ... like click #macmiller - Users will be able to follow a tag as well as people. November 2, 2011 | Post a Comment
When users follow an #officialtag they will be given checkboxes for articles, status, photos, videos. That way if they don't want everyone's status updates coming into their feed they can exclude them. September 21, 2011 | Post a Comment
I'm thinking about offering two ways to view feeds. One where it combines them all together and one that separates the different items out. Mainly thinking for the #officialtags page. I want it to only output a feed like the news feed, with images+articles+etc in the feed as well as long as it has that #tag. Other option is to view Articles, Status Updates, Photos all out separately (like latest 10 items in each). But then there is no overall time table. Thus, I was thinking we could offer both options in the future? Maybe even use javascript to render each way? September 21, 2011 | Post a Comment
#np Haunting by #ofthesun September 18, 2011 | Post a Comment
with #officialtags what if the user follows the artist's page, and his tags. it won't double post the content will it? September 18, 2011 | Post a Comment
And #officialtags will be the highlight of the site I think. We will allow users to "follow" an #officialtag (mainly official artists) so things like articles, status updates, photos that are tagged with that tag will come into their newsfeed. As long as we can tackle the spammers from jamming popular #officialtags it will be an awesome feature. Instant news and pictures about all the indie bands you love. September 18, 2011 | Post a Comment
... Because if I don't people will be hashtagging #OfTheSun and articles will have the tag Of The Sun September 17, 2011 | Post a Comment