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by Bo Dean from #MashUp
1,100 Plays

Song Lyrics

Uh, Meechie told me keep my foot up on these niggas necks but make sure whenever I do the shoes that I wear have cleats/ so when I step on they necks it'll pierce through they flesh and just make blood leak everywhere make a mess/have em gasping for breath and just begging for death and I turn to Shang Tsung take his soul from his chest/no checker this chess make ya next move ya best/I'm the best of the best and I bet that ya set is upset cuz my set is just set/ set us up and the tech a have sex wit ya flesh leave you wet/ not impress with ya press better step or get left/you step get a left/ than a right then a hook, better go to the bank cuz ya chin just got checked/I'll be glad to deposit a punch to ya head/don't budge, make you throw up blood/I'm a degenerate real ignorant son of a gun son of a bitch mother fucker, fuckin ya mother jerk asshole get no love/ I break ya hands, try to hold a grudge/ we hold the title, yo idol look up to us/ above who? Dude you over what?/ you under me, understand step down or step up/I smile in death face, make it blush/gotta knife on me who wanna make the cut/bow n kiss the chucks I'm show nuff/I show off I show out when I show up/ if all I had to offer was sex I wouldn't give a fuck/never quit put me in a sharp shooter for a day I ain't given up/random thought,yo lyrics suck/uh,nah I gets no sleep I just grind, only eat to survive they say seek and you will find/sneaking up behind/ the game and reaching through it's spine and pulling out it's heart and eat it like meat and drink my wine/till I'm stopped up/ OD on exlax til I'm unclogged up, shit on all these rappers better call a pastor keep ya guard up/tell that dude to join that crew and change they name to the vacuums cuz y'all suck / I'm running the yard bra / Hot as the sun colliding with mars what?/you’ll harm what?/ yo squad tough?, I'll bombard an strong arm yo jaw duck/ring ring don't pick up I call bluffs/I'm flawluss, life's a bitch and yo heart lust for her shoot I'm heartluss/ I crusher n dumper you pick that braud up/either that or date with death/ debate with Jeff bout who's the best, treat it like it's n danger, save ya breathe/amazing yes I aced The test of hard work an graduate to success/you hate that I'm bless, I hate you hate that im bless/ but they say hate is the new love so ya hate I respect/ far rawer than y'all/ far as The stars is from a car put my bars behind bars I'm hard awww/
Verse 2
When I grip n grab any pen n pad, prick this kid a lash/ out I spit n spazz give em crack they won’t skip a track/illest swag an aristocrat, boy sit relax/simp ya madd that I'm in the game they just bench ya ass/me you grillin' at on the side line, you won't it/ yea this spot of mine I flaunt it/ got yo concubines and she on it/ain't no stopping mine I'm going/ it's like a homicide when I'm flowin/that's the bottom line im the Rock in his prime this watch of mine been glowing'/I’m tip toeing, from the bottom right to the top n/I plotted to sky rocket don't knock it/ I'm why you bobbin ya noggin/ a prophet making a profit, psychotic kindness my kind is astronautn' we out this world my girl Diamonds exotic/I’m fly as pilot, my stylist style is the wildest/ excited eye it then buy it/then dye it slice it then try it/on, you dislike it, despise it in time the items enticin'/and you’ll sacrifice what resides right in wallets to buy it/the prices is a trilli a billi a millions fare/with The semi I inny miny mini mo it then flare/better take cover like u cold in the bed/ they going in it no metaphor they don't go over heads/I pick em up then get clumsy and drop em over the ledge/ or treat the brick like the world and drop it over his head/or just pile drive the loser and drop em right on his head/ money over looks Halle I'm picking Oprah instead/ya lyrics not touching at all I don't feel ya/Grand slam bars try to catch em outfielder/if you don't ock I bet she will/ I am too hot to let me chill, she diggin my jock and sexy peal/ she offer the top her Becky ill, I teller kick rocks, Stephanie Gill / I'm getting the quap my checks be mills/I'm running the block oh yes he trill/calling the shots respect me bill/ feelin like PAC don't get me killed/ flipping off cops arrest me at will/ listen up ock don't test me chill / give you a shot yo chest need steel?/hittin yo top yo head we pill/prick wanna box? we definitely will/ I hit like a rock, them Jet Li skills/better warn em or remind em someone tell these/ I will haunt them I will find em bring hell to these niggas/you know me I don't need an introduction to this/call it the “suicide watch”, all these cuts on my wrist/better learn no sperm when we come in this bitch/ doodoo ain't a company but we runnin this shit/tell Mike that I'm badder tell Meagan I’m gooder/ tell Greg that I'm nicer, in a “Knowles” like boogers/ man I’m talking bout a Beyonce or a Solange/Player dot com keepin my calm world in my palm/you hatin' praying on my downfall impatient '/ get a apron an take my order keep waitin'/Got em looking Asian when staring at this greatness/ they squint for a glimpse but they do not see Nathan/I'm chasing my dream like it’s a horny teenage white girl at camp crystal lake and I'm Jason/I'm making a promise, that this just the begginin'/ of my reign no water, whack music I'm ending/if all you talkin is pimping, balling banging and dealing'?/I'm a garnish ya fans til they can't afford to pay attention/to yo whack lyrics, non intelligent rhymes/I'm a be repetitive and just always outshine/ anything that you do ill be the GOAT when I Die/ but since I ain't dead yet guess I’ll just be the best rapper alive

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