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Tagged #t

uploaded music
To Kill a ButterflyTo Kill a Butterfly
T Dubb O is no stranger to lyrical combat. His latest release responds to Kendrick Lamar's latest assault on the rap game in the spirit of HipHop. Dubb respects Kendrick and the entire TDE movement, but he's clearly out to prove something. Take a listen here

Follow IG T-Dubb-O Twitter @T_Dubb_O to get familiar with his music and battles....

#T-Dubb-O, #TDubbO, #T #Dubb #O, #Moblyfe, #St. #Louis, #TDE, #To #Kill #a #Butterfly, #Kendrick #Lamar
2 weeks ago | Post a Comment
published a news article
State of EmergencyState of Emergency

T-Dubb-O takes nothing but head shots at St. Louis & National Government about the State of Emergency that was illegally issued in Ferguson/St.Louis, MO. Calls out Steve Stenger, Ron Johnson, Chief Dotson, Chief Belmar, & President Obama while explaing there has been an emergency for black people for over 400 years. This is one of the hardest records of 2015!...Read More

#State #Of #Emergency, #Fuck #Yo #State #of #Emergency, #Which #Emergency, #T-Dubb-O, #TDubbO, #T #Dubb #O, #Drake, #6 #God, #Delmar #Records, #Moblyfe, #St. #Louis,

August 12, 2015 | Post a Comment
uploaded music
Hot Up On Da NorthHot Up On Da North
T-Dubb-O goes in and demolishes Drake's 6 God....

#T-Dubb-O #TDubbO #T #Dubb #O #Drake #6God #DelmarRecords #Moblyfe #StLouis
May 25, 2015 | Post a Comment
wade drayton fluxes with it
uploaded music
U MadU Mad
New Single released "U Mad" from Mobstar Maniac 3...

#tdubbo, #U #Mad, #MM3, #MobstarManiac3, #Moblyfe, #T #Dubb #O, #T-Dubb-O
December 25, 2014 | Post a Comment
Tommy JiZoo Rice
uploaded music
A new age hippy hop #TWERKADELIC sound that attends not only to our social life but to our more defined true self. Hope you all enjoy & Trippy Trails!!!!

like, comment, & share!!
TWITTER: Tommy JiZoo Rice
IG: TommyJiZooRice

November 28, 2013 | Post a Comment
swagkillem fluxes with it
Bo Dean
published a news article
Bo Dean - Cant Hold Us FreestyleBo Dean - Can't Hold Us Freestyle

New track I released killing Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us" instrumental. New EP #TriAtomic drops Sept 24th!!...

Check out the hotness ---> More

#bodean, #macklemore #cantholdus #freestyle #ep #bovember #newmusic #sogl #stl #afro #mashup

September 15, 2013 | Post a Comment
Forgot about that #tabenter #swag June 13, 2013 | Post a Comment
S/O to Lo Thraxx for supporting @flux9ine and uploading his latest mixtape #TheBold to F9! January 20, 2013 | Post a Comment
2 people flux with it
published a music feature
Interview: Bo Dean Speaks On The #MashUpInterview: Bo Dean Speaks On The #MashUp

A few weeks ago I had a chance to sit down with St. Louis hip-hop artist, Bo Dean, and ask some questions about his new project, the #MashUp. Those who have followed the FLUX9-produced series, BOcumentary: Road To The MashUp, have already gotten a taste of the new tape, as well as the concept behind it. Bo isn't just hopping on different artists' beats like others have done in the past. Instead, he kicks it up a notch by mashing together several beats from one particular artist into one single song, changing up his flow as the beat changes. See what Bo has to say about his most ambitiou...Read More

#bodean #interview #mashup #djsmallz #tylan #louieboy #steporgetleft

November 6, 2012 | Post a Comment
Ryan Meyers fluxes with it
Bo Dean
published a news article
Bo Deans #MashUp Cover & Track-Listing Bo Dean's #MashUp Cover & Track-Listing

Bo Dean dropped the official cover art for the #MashUp and the Track-listing today!! From the looks of it, this tape will be epic!! #MashUp drops 10-23!!! Hosted by Dj Smallz & Dj ShureFire!!! For more info on The #MashUp check out!!

Update: The tape was pushed back two weeks. Look for this to drop on November 6th!


Here's the track list:

1.#MashUpIntro (prod. by Urban Legendz)
2.#DrumGangMashUp (prod by Drumg Gang P)
3. #DaddysHome (prod by Urban Legendz)
5.#MirrorMirror (prod by Ill Mac)
7.#RickRoss...Read More

#mashup #cover #bodean #djsmallz #flux9ine #tracklisting #sogl

October 15, 2012 | Comments (1)
Really diggin this #macklemore dude. and #ryanlewis is dope on the production side of it all. #TheHeist drops tomorrow and from the early preview I heard its dope af. October 8, 2012 | Post a Comment
Just finished the entire series of #theshield and I can't even put into words how epic it was......all 7 seasons of it October 3, 2012 | Post a Comment
Ryan Meyers fluxes with it
#TheLonging4Ever project has been uploaded September 30, 2012 | Post a Comment
Bo Dean
‎1st #MashUp drops tonight.....#thatisall August 21, 2012 | Post a Comment
#np Both Of Us by #BoB x #TaylorSwift - "And sometimes I wonder, why we care so much about the way we look, and the way we talk and the way we act and the clothes we bought, how much that cost? Does it even really matter?" May 8, 2012 | Post a Comment
Kelsey fluxes with it
See I don't get mad, I get money. #track2 April 30, 2012 | Post a Comment
Scared is that can feel the honesty and pain from Hiss on that one...#thatisall
Wish I had TV to hear the new wiz and maroon 5 song on #thevoice April 16, 2012 | Post a Comment
Bo Dean fluxes with it
Get your things in order before #TheMashup drops. April 14, 2012 | Comments (1)
Takin the browns to the super bowl #tmithursday March 22, 2012 | Post a Comment
But the money in the wayyyyy #taylorallderdice March 22, 2012 | Post a Comment
they don't make tapes like #taylorallderdice these days. truly a gem if you like "feel good" #hiphop. so many chillin tracks. March 13, 2012 | Post a Comment
it's interesting, the first track off #tayloralderdice is the same beat as number 1 on curren$y's verde terrace, but that one was produced by justice league, and wiz's was produced by id labs. March 13, 2012 | Post a Comment
Too many people are trying to download #TaylorAllderdice right now. March 13, 2012 | Post a Comment
#np Wicked Games by #theweeknd March 11, 2012 | Post a Comment
Ryan Meyers
commented on a status by Ryan Meyers March 9, 2012
Tasty barn. Totes missed the show. Was into #thevoice
#np Somewhere Out There by #OurLadyPeace #throwback March 9, 2012 | Post a Comment
Ryan Meyers
commented on a status by Ryan Meyers March 5, 2012
I said no lettuce bro. #thanksforallthelettuce
Kelsey fluxes with it
just uploaded the first cut of Hystory's music video "oscar" off #twoweeksnotice we shot all the footage at mardi gras in the middle of two giant parties. to say it looks sick would be an understatement. #sogl March 1, 2012 | Comments (1)
Kelsey fluxes with it
"You can reach the masses without sacrificing self, quality, and your overall sound. You just have to be great. Good doesn’t cut it anymore with the saturation the internet has caused, nowadays you have to be great. If you truly believe in what you create then push it as much as you can. I read the Bob Lefsetz Newsletter daily and recently he said something that really resonated with me. Focus on creating land mines not rockets. The internet has made it possible for your project to live on even years passed it’s release, a tipping point can cause your project from 2007 to blow up seemingly overnight in 2012. That’s a beautiful thing and you must use it to your advantage. Don’t focus too much on quantity and make it more about quality, make your primary focus developing your craft. Nowadays people either like train wrecks or greatness, if you’re just good it will be very difficult to reach the masses. However, more importantly its about creating what you feel and love. Once again, forget about fame and notoriety and create something real, something you can feel. That is what’s going to give you true happiness and satisfaction, if fame and notoriety come with it so be it, that’s just the icing on the cake. Listen to your heart, always remain positive, outside of those providing truly objective constructive criticism don’t listen to a word. People always have their own agendas and like to reflect a lot of their own insecurities and issues on to you. It’s very important that you learn how to recognize the ones trying to help you and the ones trying to keep you from achieving something they feel they can’t do themselves. Lastly, make sure you have fun, enjoy every moment of it, if you truly want success it will come to you as long as you’re doing everything that is in harmony with that thought. Work smart, have fun, focus, develop a plan, follow the plan, and never sacrifice the quality of your work. It’s that hard and that simple." - #TheILLZ February 22, 2012 | Post a Comment
It now remembers you across all mobile devices and computers when your logged in.#thankgod February 3, 2012 | Post a Comment
#np Too Faded by #SouljaBoy x #TheGame January 24, 2012 | Post a Comment
Listening to a #trance internet station. January 18, 2012 | Post a Comment
#np House of Ballons / Glass Table Girls by #TheWeeknd - Such a dope vibe in this song. January 14, 2012 | Post a Comment
Ryan Meyers fluxes with it
When Flux Goes Mobile, I WILL LOSE MY MIND. #ThatIsAll January 9, 2012 | Post a Comment
#Tosh.o is getting more and more disappointing... January 5, 2012 | Post a Comment
commented on a status by skov December 29, 2011
Mark Muehling fluxes with it
I love this song so much... goes great with this video too. Gotta shoutout #theillz for showing them to me. December 28, 2011 | Post a Comment
FLUX im bored as #TITS December 25, 2011 | Post a Comment
skov fluxes with it
Staring at the world thru my rearview.. #tupac December 25, 2011 | Post a Comment
Omg man Wicked Games by #TheWeeknd is my new favorite song. Dude rips it. I see the johnny craig comparison skov December 25, 2011 | Post a Comment
Wicked Games by #TheWeeknd is killer miniller. December 23, 2011 | Post a Comment