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Music Listeners

Mauricio Garcia

workaholic, drinker, smoker, partier, arachnophobic, soon to have a million tattoos. i play guitar and i listen to a lot of genres of music. i'm currently working on a solo album that sounds like coffeehouse rock!

Alex Booton

I run The Music-Rx -- peep it


Ashley Ezell

Still ALIVE who you love

al ezell

(@AutoStyles) I Flux wit it yea da flux 9

brent rogers


Colin Landforce


Terry Scott



I'm Hystory's booking agent and the CFO of #StepOrGetLeft.

Toboggan Tobias Rumsfeld


Society, you're a crazy breed.
I hope you're not lonely without me.

Emily Bubenik

My name is Emily. I'm 24 years old, been married for 2 years, 20 weeks pregnant with a little girl, Brielle Elise and I work at a Banquet Center, which I love doing.

emma miller

alex fish

"an object at rest will tend to stay at rest,
an object in motion will tend to stay in motion"

-Isaac Newton

Kim Franke

Chris B

Curtis Salisbury


im heather. i love @aeronath and Between Black and White and Mark Muehling

Heavy Horse

post punk three piece from St. Louis MO looking to make the world a funner place. funner.

Jordan lake- Guitar/ Vocals
Seth Rodgers- Bass/ Vocals
Dominick Valli- Drums/ Vocals

kyle g

James Harden

jeffrey corrigan


Jimmy Dolan

I am that one fella who knows another fella who knows anotha fella that flux with it. Real talk all day, every day, every minute, every second, possibly even every other week. I do's it like that.

James Russell

john s barn


Josh Schneider



Graphic Designer, Dancer, Mac Enthusiast, Social Network Junkie, Music Listener & Wife to Ryan Meyers

Kris Goldsmith

Kenny Reilly

Nick Lamberti

Joe Abbott

Loko Diamond

Artist & Producer from London, United Kingdom... follow me on twitter too Loko Diamond ... Collabs/Beats/Bookings please email:

Jane Jones

Paul Lisciandrello

Eileen Sandlin


My name is mark. I am Samsâra. I love music and my son Chase and my friends and family. I have a dream to inspire the world with music and love

Matt Belko


Megan Heise

Megan Mahoney



michelle romero

Nancy Knickmeyer

Natalie Sandlin


website designer's sister-in-law :)

Spencer Bubenik

Nick Tolias

Steve Falc



Music is passion, lyrics are paint, and instruments are the brushes. All together combined, bringing us here. To flux with it.

Terry Edwards



We are a start up that helps promote and share St.Louis music period. Our oal is to help put St.Louis on the map so our local artist have a chance at breaking the chains that keep them down here in da Lou!!


Vivian Mendez