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Pouring Rain

by Rockwell Knuckles from Take Me To Your Leader
Take Me To Your Leader
Featuring: Tony Williams
Produced by: Trifeckta
7 Plays

Song Lyrics

[Hook — Tony Williams]
In the pouring rain
You’ll never hear a harder rain

[Verse 1 - Rockwell Knuckles]
Proud to be a part of something from the ground floor
With no shame, what are you staring at the ground for?
Team of maniacs and I stand behind ‘em
Any pressure come and I turn into a diamond
Lost in the rhythm, trouble never find him
When he forgets to forgive never remind him
I am evolution in a pair of Chino's
Wanna get in touch? Call Gran Tarantino (Who 'dat?)
That’s my most trusted advisor
Got me out the dead-zone, I’m a survivor
Back to life, we’re through a couple revivals
Back to reality, gun inside of my bible
Lord have mercy, they’re stealing from the stash box
Crowd shake, like fake titties when the strap pop
Want it like a flesh wound, it’s your last shot
Representing real niggas like a mascot
Say the same matter can’t occupy the same space
We beat the odds, team heavy with the game face
The way you telling lies you should be embarrassed
Acting like you’re fucking hoes, Neil Patrick Harris
Pretty women in tunnel vision all we be knowin'
OGs telling me to keep keeping on
Saying I got heart, thinking I’m on the stuff you see
Heart is not a question when you see that storm coming, man

[Hook — Tony Williams (Rockwell Knuckles)]
In the pouring rain
You’ll never hear a harder rain
In the pouring rain
(Nights like this I wish)
You’ll never hear a hard…

[Verse 2 — Rockwell Knuckles]
Bullet train we got everything you want and need
Cinematic lifestyle what you wanna see?
And I mean anything, Ruben make his chest burn
Told him chill, we are not making a western
Wanna go to war, figured you would lose
‘Cuz God’d have these hands knock a nigga out of his shoes
That’s how I want it to be
Move fast, strike hard so they never see it coming from me
Foot clan fam colorfully
Describe visions which in turn giving blind men something to see
Make them nervous with my maneuvers I make them wonder
I been working’, doing my 500 Days of Summer
Pleasure and some turmoil, realistic fantasy
Can’t have more than 5 friends resting in this family
Donald Duck math using Maffitt Avenue
In the pouring rain, it’ll snatch the life right out of you

[Hook x2]

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