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by Bo Dean from #MashUp
116 Plays

Song Lyrics

Bo (Verse )
To beat me you'll need a verse from God a hook from Jesus, a beat from Lucifer, Mike to school ya/ in how to be a performer, get cool wit Karma/ cuz when I whip ya ass she’ll come around to Defend ya honor/Oh ya honor, give me life/ it's a homicide when I decide to write, goodnight/I'm saying good morning to ya lady/ pedophile, I'll call ya weezy, ya “fuckin babies”/that's what she told me/ respects what you owe me no you ain't an just Owe Geez/ broke bum I'll teach you the Hustle and get ya money like Russell and make it right through the struggle/ no doubt in a drought make you sprout like a Brussels/ hold ya own in a tussle/make peace when it's trouble/ haters make a slick remark have a clever rebuttal/make em revise they strategies team up in a huddle/remind me of a bubble/ you soft and see through when you get popped you'll disappear don't make me slug you/my gosh, sun I'm the sickest, admit it/ I don't give cats a run for they money, I run off with it/ these dudes swisher sweet, what these simps is spittin'/ is chicken scratch like when chickens itching'/my aim accurate, ain't no hit n misssin’/ once I hit, something a get the missing/ yea you made a hit, but something's missing/ oh yea ya soul, ya sold it just for riches/ ya idiot Get killed if you battle us/ my flow and the flow of water is considered analogous/ specially in a tsunami take cover its hazardous/ demolished homes wreck cars evacuate passengers/ build destroy, destroy n rebuild these amateurs/ whoever made em I hate em they lack in vernacular/ no gun but I gotta sword and I'm slashing ya/ Leonardo when I swing at ya head I’m” decap”in ya/nah this ain't a game lame but ya “soul caliber”/ don't match with mine hammer time when I blast at ya/my lights to bright to shade its spectacular/ true bachelor, I'll front out who backin' ya/I danced with the devil and he couldn't keep up/ moon walked on his ass tangled his two feet up/I can make ya platinum, sick of flopping? we the opposite of Fahrenheit , trying to Celsius/ ya career hurtin' well, b good luck/ I would respond to his diss track but well he sucks/you soft ?well we tough/ if ya cherish ya life ? When the guns start blasting well please duck/bag up bruh, the rouge ill aim/ at ya head so you can really have more guts than you got brains/ this dudes not sane, dude we not the same/When it comes to the quap? shoot I'm like Zane/ stretching it like a rubber band you got change/ I turn ya chick on like a book by Zane/ beep beep please move out my lane/I’m the best come prove I ain't/I spit sporadic, these clips not cinematic/ lyrics are crack miss, please send em an addict/I’ll leave grenades in ya sons play pen (boom) honey I blew up the kid, im so Rick Moranous/ diplomatic and I never lived in Manhattan/skip the chattin, you know I deliver the action/ save the drama I'll bring that thriller no romance ya life's a comedy it gotta nigga laughin/yea, all hail The ruler that break the rules / girl put up ya ruler/ can't measure my jevity wit that I'll school ya/the thrones occupied, death to intruders/bars hard as medusa/ they seduce ya medulla/ I'm a first class flight you a ride on a scooter/ so off we go, let the trumpets blow/ and hold on the girl you fighting over is a hoe/ I know, she offer ed the goodies like its baked cookies/you think she a virgin but she ain't a rookie/She never touched you but the whole hood call her Pixar films she known for making a woody/she told us a toy story or 2 bout using devices to turn her on she’s turned off by you/you? Just a pitiful individual /a little minuscule
needing a spiritual miracle/play the heroine "hero an" I'll play the villain/the “cig a ret” you cats aftermath aint appealin'/ Tryna “weed “out the snakes from us/ while still spittin flames that'll turn a “angle to dust”/uh, it ain't take long for ya ex ta see/ That no nigga adult or Nicotine (nigga teen) better than me/ she said you codeine (cold dean) U get it crackin/ lines sting like yellow jackets knock out bars u be sedative rappin'/Bout my Jacksons and George's, the bennies are most important/the Abe Lincoln's and Theodorans/ cemetery for a wallet it be enormous/ filled wit dead presidents but I ain't mourning/ I'm rejoicin', bookin a plane/ to different sceneries that ain't lookin the same/ like Brooklyn and Mane/while you got ya hands between a couch gettin ya Barack on, lookin’ for change /the breaks over, the waits over/ a make overs needed raps lookin like a middle aged Oprah/I fried lions, ate cobras/baked apes, drink from the fountain of youth like its grape soda/cake holder, road rage in a range rover/out the window you see arm n hammer, no bakin soda/I smack monsters, rape ogres/immune to the bad luck yup, I was made from clovers/ the takeover, the race over soon as it started, I was at the finish line, I'm first place dolja/ hey soldier, sign you I'm “good fella” I'm from “another planet” but no Ray Lliota/ pay roller, whole worlds weight on my shoulder/ real recognize fake too, and I hate that I know ya/Feelin like Goku when Krillin died/ heart full of rage anger and bitterness livin inside/ when I grip the pen I put a rip in the sky/ whole body electrified I scare em I don’t impress these guys/ treat rivals in my path like they Freeza/ treat allies in my path like they Vegeta / I push both to the limit/ when it's said and done when they question who's the best they answers Bo the illest/ 1 mic 2 mic 3 mic 4/ I should get from the source after they add one more/baby that's 5, no lie I'm so sure/ laughin at em out my window as death knocks on my door/ if being fly was a test I'd have the perfect score/ stand tall/ promised Niagara I'd never fall /gave my bars Viagra that'swh y they harder than yalls/won't conflict til I Kanye ya jaw, Johnny cage ya balls, Owen Hart ya fall/ detective Eddy Torres ya car/that's new York Undercover ya parents should've wore a rubber/ cherish me now cuz wen I’m gone there won't be another...I am Bo…let’s go

Verse 2

Nigga you only run the town when you exercise/ respect the guy, this Revolution is televised/ tell ya lies , that’s Why my ears neglect ya rhymes/ you a ant I'm mega tron mega sized/ can I testify? Christmas wasn't merry/ knew people that hated fruit but still got berried/ my home girl peaches unwillingly got her cherry/ pop by a banana, now she despise every/ one with Adams apples, can’t let ner hate for “mango”/ the grape street crip that raped her stained her soul/all over a blood that was her man before/could've ran away with em but she said I can't elope/ now she's living in mental hell: and aids victim with diabetes and sickle cell/ curse the guy that rapped her/ she gave em bullets in return sent em right to his maker/ tell Lucifer I'm on higher level/ I make em look cold, tell God make a hotter devil/ watch on froze gotta admire the bezels/ eyes on close it shine so bright it’s disrespectful/I'm so lucky that I make the number 7 jealous/ my crew is the shit...don't act like you don't smell us/ my “knuckles” fast as sonic..pockets fat as robotnik, your livin in my “shadow”, least that what they "tales" us/ shut the hell up I don't need a ghost writer I'm a stay behind these bars...please don't bail us/ they wanna Sean bell us?/ well bullets rain on em..hope they bought some bullet proof umbrellas/ 44 give you an encore, a standing applaud at ya Honda accord/ the Madonna’s and Moores, Rhiannas Coutoures/ Benny Honda Douche Cabana galore/ is what ya looking for? Find another brother / rewind that...find another sucker/that milfs mine find another mother/can’t pull my card find another bluffer/ Battle me? A Be a travesty, tragedy you'll lose drastically/ in a rap race dawg I'm a basketball you a ball hog, you'll never pass me/ divide me in two still ain't half as me/no formal wear when I make casualties/ attack the scene with rapid speed/ hard body can't chew me wit ya lil rabbit teeth/my strategies a master piece/no limit to my success...master p/ clap at me, I will gradually, disappear members off ya family tree/Find out where ya girlfriend mamas sister stay clap n squeeze/ and “restaurant” like an Applebee's /macho man randy baby I'm a savage beast/but I'm still that nigga/niggas mumbling "I'm a still that nigga"/ mad cuz they chicks wanna kidnap, plotting, sayin stuff like, "I'm a steal that nigga"/make em mine, so what I'm still wit that nigga/ please instill in that nigga.. It's over/The man of steel I'm that nigga and ya chick is Lowes/ you some lame nigga I bet ya name is Otis/ old as something that molded/ I'm the frozest, meaning the coldest poet flowin on microphoneses/ keeping up with Joneses?/ bro I'm past em man I'm zoning/ yea I invented swag/ told you I nut out a new one whenever one is jacked/AK bet a stack matter fact a mill on guarantee I'll double that/ take “Lz” never that/ ya “views a skewed” we winning ahead of the pack/ so ahead of time I'm making “history’ without the present history even known that it’s in my past/ya life “gamble” with that/ I Guarantee all ya bones a be found over the map/skull in “Thailand”, brother I am/ cruising in a “phantom “the rouge a blam em just die damn/ trick on a b pleeeeze/ you'll never hve none of “me cheese”/I speed up heart beats when I beat a beat up/ Ant do a karate kick pose..Kick ya feet up/ yea, caught the dream that we chased/tell bubba a life supply of Scooby snacks is on the way/ these rappers ain't safe/ got the scope locked on em..feel sorry for they face/
long story short I feel sorry for they fate/ you can only prosper with love so I feel sorry for they hate/ to get famous they'll do anything, so I feel sorry for they cakes/ yea they ass they man hood, they'll give it up, I feel sorry for they rapes/ I take that back I don't feel sorry for none of y'all/ I'm public enemy number 1 but I got a target on every one of y'all/ if I could only keep 2 fingers, I'll keep both middle ones...that's how I feel about each and every one of y'all/ I feel I'm Better than each and every one of y'all/ I ain't feeling none of y'all/ Nah you can't fuck with me...I'm a nun to y'all/ the way yall move is why I dont respect none of y'all/I can't feel what they spit I'm numb to y'all / dawg, I gave 4 albums and y'all wasn't satisfied/ said y'all just wanted to hear bars y'all brought out this monster now tell me if that's a lie/rather die than fall for anything/ I stand for something refuse to fall by any means/ but if I do, I'll get up quick/ I just knocked the game out with this tape ...get up bitch/ but the counts passed ten/ yea they counting pass ten/ on ya top 20 favorite rappers list, after this it's a crime if I'm not passed ten/you lil cocks past tense, not even a factor/y'all cool with being slaves I'm trying to be a master/ I'm thousand degrees in, you still struggling to reach one degree’s like yall still tryin to receive ya bachelors/I'll slap ya, anyone sleeping on me either in a coma or been dead/if rap was twitter they been following me this game I been lead/yo time is coming is what my niggas Been said/ what you speak comes into existence so thanks for birthing those words it developed a heart brain arms head and it's legs/ tell these Hollywood rappers if they trying to collab now get they cash up/..I just gave y'all one of the best projects of all time.....the mash up

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