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by Bo Dean from #MashUp
1,344 Plays

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Song Lyrics

Hop off my d-d-dick, find a grave spot, dig in dat/ cuz im fresh to death and if it's life after, Ross wrong cuz Big Is back/not Pac, picture that? Hard body, how you figure that? / when ya inside gotta soft core, we compare you to porn on Cinemax/watch the throne? My visions jacked/ Ill watch when I sit in that, and when they get back I ain't getting up/we gotta go toe to toe for them to get it back/ They ain't tryna jig wit dat, this is a new era no fitted cap/ lyrically I can't control my bowls, the booth I keep shittin' in dat/ I ain't lying, line for line my rhymes timeless/tightest with time I'm like wine rewind this/ got like-minds, mines and Einstein’s combined With the guy on the dime times the Mayans/ grindin', my shine is brightnen' like a diamond/ blinding the eyes of Osiren when I buy em/ too far behind to eye my behind a speed of 999 resides in/ me ,A tyrant lying with the lions/ check my design I'm a giant to a giant/one of a kind Devine far from swine/ a crime when beats and I intertwine I'm redefining'/music whore, hear me roar?/ keep that hammer like Thor/ got that 4 door ford explore clean like it's one of my chores/I'm on shore, with two or more, Girls that say Bonjur?/Por va vor, lord more on tour, singing in Singapore/lawn mower/, how they blow green, higher than the 14th floor/ I'm a torch course pop like corks/ boy u a genital wart/ you a short dork of all sorts, sore ya skeletor/ leave it tore, u more like Ior/if you Muslim I'm pork/ you can't eat me/ I’m no dick so that means you can't beat me/boy you blind, you can't see me..don’t get Brandon Lee'd/stampede, when I land on scene/man I gleam, got a can of cream/ transparent beams lampin' up the scene/trampoline on ya dam spleen/man a fiend for morphine, bet his tramp a scream understand the dean/Angeline make that canon steam / like promethazinee put yo fam on lean/ leave you under land asleep/ in a dream expect hell but for hope heaven/ flow to perfection smooth as the music on ocean 11/Rollin wit Devon/ No 4 or no western or dough for a weapon/ the lord for protection, what you know bout a blessin'?/you only blessed when ya nose congested/ and ya sneeze it out, heathen child, souls ya sellin/you got a ghost hands penning ya flows I'm tellin/ I'm a stay behind my bars dog Bo is a fellon/don't let me out, shoot give me 25 to life/ i ain't 25 but nice er than you peuny guys that write/ for years about ya fake jewelry rides and ya ice/ ya career my dear is truly a lie and some hype/YIKES!!, hate That I win I love that ya losin’/ you don't go to war bra, who is you foolin’/ I’d be cautious bout the gunmen ya recruitin’/ cuz when it's beef they got no Internet connection, they have trouble shootin’

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