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Ryan Meyers fluxes with it


by Bo Dean & The Domino Effect
1,112 Plays

2012 was a remarkable year for Hip Hop, especially for St Louis. Two of the cities most prominent stables released great bodies of work. On Dec 12, 2012, CBI's own The Domino Effect gave us "In Due Time", filled with dark gritty soulful production and controversial subject matter ranging from the illuminati take over to spending a day in the Gz District. The 2013 SLUM Fest Freshman of The Year definitely made lots of noise this year that has awoken a large number of sleepers that are craving for more of the truth The DE spews to the masses. And then you got Step Or Get Left's frontman Bo Dean. In Nov of 2012 Bo teamed up with Dj Smallz and released the critically acclaimed classic #MashUp where he took all of your favorite artist best instrumentals, combined them into one track (separate MashUps for different artist) and effortlessly destroyed them all. The #MashUp has definitely kept the listeners watching Bo's every move and has increased the anticipation for Bovember 3 which is due this Thanksgiving.

This Summer the two collectives joined forces to release a collaborative project entitled "TriAtomic" which means having a valence of 3. A combination of radical, elements or atoms coming together. In this case you're getting 3 radical artist ( who would be the atoms) all possessing the most essential elements required to be a supreme emcee. From the production, to the features, to the subject matter and lyrical content, this project is definitely worth the listen and will keep you nodding and rewinding all the way through.

Album Tracklist

Play2.Heartbreaker (Produced by Cue)
Play3.Phuck It Featuring Flamesz & Benny Rodriguez (Produced by Cue)
Play4.All Me Featuring Saint Orleans (Produced by Cue)
Play6.Times Is Timeless Featuring Louie Boy (Produced by Drum Gang)
Play7.Area 51 Featuring Lavelle Spitz (Produced by Danny!)
Play8.Planted Seeds (Produced by Cue)
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#bodean #thedominoeffect #triatomic #hiphop #sogl #stlouis

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