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No Justice No Peace!

September 8, 2014 by T Dubb O // #T-Dubb-O #TDUBBO #Moblyfe #JusticeforMikeBrown #Ferguson #Stlouis

No Justice No Peace! "Is it Open Season On a Nigga's Ass?" is one sign that asked a harsh but real question one protester carried during the march to get justice for Mike Browns execution. August 9th, 2014 was basically the straw that broke the camel's back. Here in St. Louis we have felt the oppression of our "protectors" for far too long. Just last year St. Louis City police shot Cary Ball over 25 times while being unarmed, Jayson Moore was another unarmed victim murdered by Ferguson PD, and countless others not just in our city but across the nation. This has been an issue in the black community since the beginning of black communities in America. For some strange reason America seems to over look the harsh reality of growing up with this target painted on our skin. Let's put all our cards on the table here. I have no idea what the words protect and serve mean when it comes to the police force. Every encounter I have had with police officers from a child into my adult years have been negative experiences. I have once yet to be asked by a police officer patrolling MY NEIGHBORHOOD how I am doing, or shook my hand like a man. I have never had a police officer stop and say hello to my sons. The first thing people tend to say is that all police are not bad, and I agree to an extent. In the words of my friend Tef Poe, "All crack dealers are not bad either". I am just asking that you all take a look at the circumstances of our communities to understand our plight. Journalist tend to say that if we don't want police attention don't dress how we dress, don't talk how we talk, basically we should take the black off. My response to that is how many popes, bishops, ministers, reverends, etc have been accused of child molestation? We don't automatically assume every one of them are sex offenders, but every young black male with tattoos and a hat on is a criminal or needs to be "checked out". As kids we can't even stand on our streets without police asking us what we are doing, what are our names, where do we live, do we have any drugs or weapons on us. When I am stopped by police for no reason at all while driving, before the officer ask fro my license the first two questions are; Do I have any weapons and Are there any drugs in the car? But while I am being unjustly stopped and harass "Zack" rides pass me with a loaded AR-15 in his car headed to the nearest school to let off his frustration. Excuse my passion, but I must speak the truth. There is a serious problem with Law Enforcement in this city and across the nation. Black people are murdered without a second thought by the police force, but whites are spared. Here are a few examples; 2012 James Holmes shot over 70 people and killed 12 in a Colorado movie theatre he was arrested, Timothy McVeigh murdered 168 people and injured over 600 in the bombing of Oklahoma City, 2009 Nidal Malik Hasan an Army psychiatrist and Medical Corp officer fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others in the Fort Hood mass shooting (he was an US Army officer someone we put trust in to protect this country did this) he was arrested. Quick pause, these are all white people armed and dangerous with no respect for anyone's life who were detained alive. In 2011 Jared Lee Loughner shot 19 people and murdered 6 and yes he was arrested alive, Ron Lee Haskell 2014 shoots 7 people and murders 6 in Texas but again arrested alive. I could go on forever, but this next instance is hilarious and shows how much of a joke these cops really are. I know you all heard about the Bundy Ranch. If not, here's the scenario. A large group of armed white men marched in a line of battle while at least one civilian rifleman in a sniper’s perch trained his weapon at Bureau of Land Management officials. In reaction, the government didn’t fire a single round or canister of tear gas, and eventually retreated, conceding the disputed ground to the Bundy militias. It’s important to note that the protesters turned out in support of a man who refused to pay his taxes and grazed his cattle without paying the accompanying fees. This man, Cliven Bundy, and his supporters threatened secession and armed revolt against the United States government. Now compare this instance to the peaceful protest that took place in St. Louis County of Ferguson where peaceful unarmed protestors exorcising their first amendment right were tear gassed, chased with dogs, shot with rubber bullets, shot with live ammo, and unlawfully arrested. You still think it is not a race issue? Mike Brown unarmed teenager murdered by a Ferguson Police officer because he was in fear for his life. How is my question? When none of the men mentioned above were shot. Kajieme Powell shot 12 times by 2 Stl city police officers 5 days after Mike Brown's murder. Cary Ball shot over 25 times by Stl city police while unarmed. It's too many of us to name that were murdered in cold blood while unarmed. So it looks as if we arm ourselves and shoot back we will be arrested and not murdered. I am writing this to speak the truth. We must take our communities back. Police are here to serve us. We should not have to fear them. They work for us. The people are in control not them. Government officials work for us, we don't work for them. Governments are supposed to fear their people not the other way around. We have sat by idle for far too long. We as a people must stand united or be eliminated. The targeting of black males is real, the feminization of black males is real, keeping us in a fetal position is real! Let's stand up! Thank you for reading. Follow me on twitter and visit my website

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