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Who Fluxed


Co-founder of F9. I designed and developed this platform so independent artists can easily spread their music.


In the ever-evoling art of Hip Hop, which has diversified into many sub genres since its arrival, balance may seem like an almost impossiable task even for seasoned veterans and grandmasters of the music. The hip hop masses may find that there is a certain degree of perplexity to be found in the fact that this balance is located in an area seemingly void of "old school" hip hop traditions. Kay Gee the latest entity to the art form, balances all genres of the music from the days of KRUSH GROOVE to KRUNK JUICE. Successfully marrying hip hop's need for perseveration of its culture and nurturing of its new born growth. Hailing from an area where hip hop is finally under the radar, St.Louis MIssouri. Kay gee is the perfect answer to what hip hop needs... in some forms both a purveyor of its traditons and a participating component in its evolutions. Even the simplicity of his adopted stage name (Kay Gee) in contrast to his intricate compositions which consist of his feverishly ryhthmic delivery over beats provided by in house prodution team called Space Jamm, gives further insight to his complexities as an artist. Kay Gee has delved into his spirit and expressed an awareness of his enviroment to create both knowledge driven hip hop and party anthems that will for sure insight semi riots on the dance floor and become the anthems for young people of the streets today....