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Who Fluxed


From the beginning Hystory had a knack for music as his grandfather had a music collection of over 1,000 records spanning from Louis Armstrong to Prince. In fact, it wasn't until later that rap was even introduced to Hystory. After being told by a family friend who managed a rap group that he would get paid three bucks a verse every weekend he was all in. From that point on he wrote at least five verses a week, keeping the lunch and candy money stash plentiful. At age 12, he and his mom packed up and moved from Chicago to St. Louis. Soon after he picked up where he left off writing rhymes and trying to create music by rapping on industry beats.

Hystory credits Eminem for having a hand in him being a lyricist "My Name Is" being the first song he ever memorized and rapped over and over again. In 2009, Hystory released 2 Week Notice his first solo project and put St. Louis on notice that he was a force not to be ignored. In 2012, he dropped his biggest success to date Papers N Pipes: Puerto Rico Dreamin. The first release from SOGL Ent. showcasing the roster with smooth beats and relevant subject matters. Now turning 26 on December 20th and a father of a 3 year old, he feels its now or never.

When asked what makes him different from any other artist he said "Me being me. Most artists aren't themselves and wanna be out the box and everybody ends up in the same place. I stay in my box and it's only me in there. My name is Hystory because what makes me who I am is everything that has been apart of history. Others wanna be the next Jay-Z, Eminem, Biggie, or Tupac, I'm gonna b the first Hystory who was great because of learning from Jay-Z, Eminem, Biggie, and Tupac." This bio will not be the last one as HYSTORY has alot more to make.


Graphic Designer, Dancer, Mac Enthusiast, Social Network Junkie, Music Listener & Wife to Ryan Meyers


I'm Gunning Down Romance


Co-founder of F9. I designed and developed this platform so independent artists can easily spread their music.