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4 people flux with it

Artist Spotlight: Bo Dean

December 9, 2011 by skov // #bodean #bovember2 #musicforthesoul

What up Bo, first off tell us a little bit about yourself as an artist.

Bo Dean I’m a hip hop artist from St Louis Missouri, trying to put a permanent spotlight on my city. I am inspired by life in general. Most of my music talks about life situations. I’m inspired by things that I have experienced, saw and heard others go through. I try to be universal with my music, can’t really place me in one style of rap but if you had to, I would consider myself as a story teller artist. A lot of my songs you can play, close your eyes and become the character in the song.

Your 4th mixtape Bovember 2 "Music for the Soul" just dropped back on Thanksgiving. How's the response been so far?

Man the response has been nothing but love so far. I think a lot of joints on this mixtape hit home and touched on things that the listeners had went through or know somebody who went through it. It was a very personal project.

We definitely dig it over this way man. The production is top notch, what are some of your favorite beats on the tape?

I appreciate the love y'all been showing me fam. Some of my favorite beats on the tape right now would have to be Compare produced by Fly Life, Fly Hiigh produced by Sid ROAMS Never Break produced by Whurld If The Walls Could Talk produced by Robbie Anthem, Marinate produced by Serious, it changes everyday[laughs]

This is your second tape of the year if I'm not mistaken, the first being Enuff Said featuring Louie Boy.  Do you have any plans for any other collab tapes in the future?

Yea actually I do, Calhoun from F.A.M ENT and I are talking about doing a collab album in the near future, Louie Boy and I will definitely do a follow up to “Enuff Said”. I’m about to start doing more collabs with artist in the city and out of town. I got some cats in Texas called Sun$et that’s pretty nice, I have a few collabo’s with them in the works. Shout out to the whole $et.

Who are some of your biggest influences? On the artist and producer side?

One of my biggest influences far as rappers go is Fabolous, dude is just so consistent. I have honestly never heard a wack verse from Fab.  A new cat that caught my ear is Swaggaoy Los, dude is next up. There is a lot of talented artist in my city that’s doing they thing as well Tef Poe, Shotta G, Nick Menn & RT-FaQ, Saint O, Verb, Trixie, A-Game., Y.E.$, Dharma Jean , Journii Walker, My TEAM…The list goes on.

As far as producers go, man if they make bangers, I rocks with em. Shout out to the Sound Click producers who are doing they thing, I definitely respect their grind.

What's up next?

Well my boy Hystory is finishing up his next mixtape Papers N Pipes: Puerto Rico Dreamin, Louie Boy is working on his 3:00 Mixtape and  I think I may do a jacking for beats mixtape and just spazz on ya favorite rappers beats, haven’t done that yet. After that though, I got something reeeeally nice I’m cooking up. Can’t let the rabbit out the hat just yet on that though but stay tuned.

Keep doin you man, and keep it locked on FLUX9!

Will do! I “FLUX” with yall to the max!!!

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Community Comments

Thanks for this post July 26, 2023
You may not have heard of Bo Dean, but you've almost definitely seen his work. I prefer to follow this and get more new things for ideas. He's the founder and lead artist of a thriving site known for its intriguing themes and vivid characters. December 14, 2022
Bo Dean is an artist who loves to paint and draw. He does this for fun and loves sharing his paintings on the internet. Here you check this and get more new things for retaining walls. Bo has been creating artwork for years, but he started posting his work online in 2012. Some of his favorite subjects are animals and fantasy-themed art. December 13, 2022
Your blog provided us with valuable information to work with. Each & every tips of your post are awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep blogging. August 27, 2022
This is the first time I got to know about this artist, it was for sure interesting. I have read a review about his music on as well. It was good to read. June 14, 2022
Bo Dean is a singer based in Los Angeles, CA. He has been writing music since he was 14 years old and has released several albums under his own name and as a member of bands such as The Deloreans, Little Black Dress, Science Fiction, and others. I have visited site and find them useful for Templates that can be used in PowerPoint Presentations. June 11, 2022
Every rappers favorite rapper!! FLUX with HBN or get left!!! March 12, 2012
3 people flux with it
bo's the shit.. very original stuff . got a chance to listen to u the first time yesterday.... March 5, 2012
Bo Dean fluxes with it
swag swag bo. December 9, 2011
skov fluxes with it
shout out to the Flux9ine team for the love man!!! i Flux wit yall!! December 9, 2011

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