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Tagged #drone

2 people flux with it
Mark Muehling
published a music review
This Will Destroy You Artist Review"This Will Destroy You" Artist Review

This Will Destroy You, often abreviated TWDY, is an american "post-rock" band from Texas formed in 2005. I put quotes on post-rock because the band hugely neglect this notion. They are often compared to bands in the post-rock genre such as the infamous Explosions In The Sky who are also from Texas. Bassist and keyboardist Donovan Jones has said in an interview, “Fuck post-rock, and fuck being called post-rock.” and in an interview with the Dallas Observer, guitarist Jeremy Galindo said, "It can be aggravating. I think after this new album comes out, a lot of th...Read More

#thiswilldestroyyou #TWDY #postrock #drone #doomgaze

February 14, 2012 | Post a Comment
samsâra fluxes with it
Mark Muehling
published a music review
Bardo Pond Artist Review"Bardo Pond" Artist Review

Bardo Pond are an American psychedelic rock band formed in 1991, and who are currently signed to London based label Fire Records. Bardo Pond's sound is characterized as psychedelic but has to be recognized as a category all in its own. Bardo Pond is unlike any band making music today. The sound has a lot of heavy repetitive drone type sound to it and use sounds and instruments uncommon in the typical band. Topped off with synthesizer and female vocals, Bardo Pond has a specific and signature sound. Bardo Pond has a distinct sound and can be recognized from a distance. Bardo Pond's albu...Read More

#bardopond #psychedelic #drone #avantegarde

February 8, 2012 | Comments (1)