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"This Will Destroy You" Artist Review

February 14, 2012 by Mark Muehling // #thiswilldestroyyou #TWDY #postrock #drone #doomgaze

This Will Destroy You Artist Review This Will Destroy You, often abreviated TWDY, is an american "post-rock" band from Texas formed in 2005. I put quotes on post-rock because the band hugely neglect this notion. They are often compared to bands in the post-rock genre such as the infamous Explosions In The Sky who are also from Texas. Bassist and keyboardist Donovan Jones has said in an interview, “Fuck post-rock, and fuck being called post-rock.” and in an interview with the Dallas Observer, guitarist Jeremy Galindo said, "It can be aggravating. I think after this new album comes out, a lot of that is gonna stop. Because this next album is definitely gonna be sounding more like the stuff that we do listen to.". This has proven to be true. The release of TWDY latest album 'Tunnel Blanket' has changed drastically in style, moving away from the melodic sounds they were known for and going more towards a drony and doomy sound. The band referred to their new sound as "doomgaze". Although it hasnt hurt TWDY success at all. Released in May 2011, 'Tunnel Blanket' entered the Billboard Heatseekers Album Chart at number 25.


TWDY is known for creating very atmospheric sounds with a ton of effects on the guitars and through a huge usage of dynamics. This is what drew me into loving the sound that This Will Destroy You creates. It spoke to my soul and I found it to be extremely beautiful and therapeutic. It traveled through my ears and into my brain, and then sunk straight to my soul and became a part of me right before I exploded in my pants. I think that TWDY is very much post-rock and quite the essence of it as well. Although I do think that the music industry is making music into something that its not by creating so many sub-genres and sub-genres of sub-genres and I dont blame TWDY for disliking the notion that they are something other than what they have created.

The latest album that was released by This Will Destroy You named Tunnel Blanket took a while for it to grow on me. I think my expectations for the album was different from what my ears were hearing but after I accepted the album for what it was I began to enjoy it. At first it lacked feeling but when I listen to it now, it just takes me to a different place. It takes me on a more mental journey and in that sense, it is quite psychedelic for me. I love the drone and doomy sense of it all. It is very artistic and if you just sit and listen to it with an open mind, it runs through you in the same way their previous albums did. Give em a listen. My favorite songs by TWDY are 'Quiet' and 'The World Is Our _____' and from their newest album 'Killed The Lord, Left For the New World'
You can check out TWDY on myspace or on facebook or youtube.

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