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4 people flux with it

SOJA at The Music Farm

January 4, 2012 by Natalie Sandlin // #SOJA #MusicFarm #Reggae #TreeHouse

SOJA at The Music Farm On December 30, I was privileged to see Soldiers of the Jah Army, aka SOJA, live at the Music Farm in Charleston, SC. I'm glad they chose to play at The Music Farm, it is by far my favorite venue in Charleston. It sits smack dab in the middle of downtown, looking like a run down shack. Once you walk in you see it doesn't look that fancy, just a large dance floor, a raised stage, and an upstairs deck with tables and couches. The venue only holds 900 people, but every show I've gone too has sold out, including SOJA.

SOJA preforms #reggae fusion music. They are touring to promote the release of their upcoming album entitled "Strength to Survive" on January 31, 2012. SOJA's sound comes from the wide range of instrumental talent in the band including guitar, bass, turn tables, percussion, and saxophone. SOJA front man, Jacob Hemphill says the new album was greatly influenced by Bob Marley's "Survival". I really enjoy their songs, and have been listening to them a little over a year. Hemphill is the lead guitarist, and writes most of the band's lyrics. Almost every song is about harmony, and life stories. "We become what we do not what we say."--'Everything Changes'

Arriving at the Music Farm, my group of 11 easily got in, we only waited 10 or so minutes. Once you enter, you're instantly enchanted by the atmosphere. TreeHouse was the opening act. They are a local reggae band, from Myrtle Beach, SC. The Music Farm has an excellent technical crew, the sound is always top quality, and the light effects are amazing. Behind the stage is a large screen, which has constant morphing effects that change with the music. Its easy to get lost in the show. After TreeHouse finished their set a short video and slide show was presented, because the profit from the concert was going towards the Nicole F. Miller Memorial Scholarship at Trident Technical College.

The lights then dimmed and a hush came over the crowd. A few moments later, the familiar opening bars of "I Don't Wanna Wait" began to play. SOJA was amazing, not only did they put on a fantastic musical show, but they really connected with the fans. Hemphill took the time to stop and talk to everyone. He said how excited he was to be in Charleston, and how much he loved and appreciated his fans. It was nice to listen to a sincere group of artists. I have high hopes that SOJA will return to The Music Farm to play another show.

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Natalie Sandlin fluxes with it
SOJA!!!! natalie u have some GOOOOOOOD taste. might be one of the first people i know that knows who soja is. MAJOR PROPS. i flux with this raggae all day. met em and chilled with em when they came last year January 4, 2012
Dang I didn't know Jacob Hemphill was in SOJA. He did an awesome remix of "Suffering" by Rebelution January 4, 2012

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