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by Bo Dean from #MashUp
254 Plays

Song Lyrics

Listen yo/ when it comes to the greatest of all time, I'm Shabrack and Meeshacks brother (why) because I Ben da GOAT/ stand in that fire/ no flame on my attire, you try it, I bet you end up like Richard Pryor/ I'm a raise that bar higher/ the truth, I never told my mama who to screw but...”mother fuck a liar”/ Yea, follow the leader, prominent speaker/ any chick you see me with Deserve a spot on model Latina/my swag sick/ anything from me is valuable my piss worth a stack miss.. just ask Hiss/ no grudge all love..nigga holla back shiiit/....sweet ass rapper causing Hip Hops diabetes/ docs need me to make the cure but it cost a Fee G (Figi)/ no water, try offin' me/ I'm mike jack with ya kid next to a balcony/but my grips like gymnast dipping they hand i n lotion/ for they swing on them parallel bars bones a be broken/ I'm hulk hogan when opponents on the ground and they frozen/ during that moment he jump and his leg drop on they throat an/ I'm glowin ,too deep to reach me, use ya mental shovel/ and dig to you almost reach the home of the devil/I'm bold and the bezels gold like halos above domes of the heavenful/ ghost that float wherever you go to protect you/ cold yet dreadful don't approach, I don’t know you or met you/hold no metal, over beef get roasted you edible/flow incredible, quotes i spokes intellectual/most impeccable, the Moses with gold medals/ yea, even silver and bronze/ if I cant get ya sis, I'll just get whith ya moms/ slick as the Fonze, I'm a hard nigga to findso /picture the picture I'm picturing it trip wit ya mind/I’m sicker than sick man I’m sickening, I'm sick of ya lyin/give u a kick wit my timberland they Stitching ya eyes/ rippin and spitting belligerent a gift in the rhymes/ my lyrics they diggin an feelin it ya bittera n crying/nigga ya lyin,g if you say that we a match/ I’m raw you whack/ you defend i attack, /you slow I’m fast/ when it comes to out positions in this rap race, I'm front you back/ I’m first you last, you done ill last/you fail I passed, i do it you procrast/ I'm metal you glass, I'm treasure u trash, you change im cash/you jam, I blast/ bottom lone homey we complete opposites/ night and day..Flavor Flave and D Washington/ ha guess who's Denzel?/ you getting money? How bout get real?/ I never knew a love like this/say I ain't nice you must be high bitch/my shoe games like pressing f f circle when u playin with Liu Kang, nuthin but fly kicks/ clear that I'm better/ you at the bottom like sincerely, I'm at the top like dear in a letter/ cashmere sweater, I dare you to let a/ finger touch it get near and I'll let ya/ have it cause havoc/ swag is classic, you a teacher during a pep rally ...classless/when I get the rapping / round flex this is what'll happen (bombs)

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