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by Bo Dean from #MashUp
Featuring: Jay Dee & Louie Boy
Produced by: Urban Legendz
236 Plays

Song Lyrics

Verse 1 (Jay Dee)
Lifestyle of the dope and the trend setters/bad bitch..fat titts n some good weather/...ass out..she toot it up like she ain't know better/..Nicknamed the broad Coogi how these niggas sweata/...that money she been bout it these niggas they lack they stupidity Don’t make shit betta/...aint seen these many niggas fight since a Jordan shoe release or Def Jam Vendetta/..True bars great like my name was tony/realest out..You would think what I spit is holy/...fuck fame I just want the money n the glory/...tryna get mo whips then the back of Toby/..Damn brody..Fuck wit me n you’ll get Kobe’d/..Black Mamba..leave ya body lookin like a comma/..Eatn’ niggas boi I'm the rap Jeffrey Dahmer/...blowin’ news feeds up I'm the rap Osama/...presidential piece..I be rockin’ that the Obama/..Gold teeth..Got my mouth shinin’ like a sauna/..diss me n my youngin’s might get the yompa/..Have u niggas laid back like a seat recliner/...Thuggin hard I’m a gangster I’m a fuckn’ mobster/...she give me brain so much she got Alzheimer’s/..outta space wit shit...I tella I’m a astronaut/...I pound ha..astounda/..wit my slong She say its long/....couple blunts n then I'm gone/..wit these drums all in my ear..brain heart all on my gear/..dwade wit this heat mf this my year/make it clear/boi me n my big brother go ham on you rap fuckas...n me n my nigga L’z raise rap hell/Bo n L’z..Jay-Dee/..Step or get left F.A.M Drums 3!!
Verse 2 (L’z)
Hey? Don’t it sound so soulful?/ somethin’ that you can roll to after you’ve rolled two?/ light one, put it in the air..for me/roll out the carpet, color straw…berry/ Star Power started somethin’ legen-dary/ I’m very…varied/ smooth laid back yea it’s kind of…scarry/fresher to death I should be…beurried..R.I.P/Rip instrumentals, proli-ficly/ so D-O-P-E, it’s lifted me/ uh, just somethin’ you can’t pass up/ shout out to B-O for the Mash Up/ that’s my nigga…who are your nigga?/ to compare to us, you need more niggas/ got the keys to success, we at the door nigga/ we own the buildin’…land lord niggaaa/ try to plan for it, like the worlds endin’/ can’t predict it, the predicament is prominent/ promises of product and quality/ that hatin’ shit? Is for the birds and I won’t let it bother me/ reverse psychology…scramble ya top as I un-rattle the plot/ cookin’ up watch me rattle the pots/ goin’ up like we handlin’ stock/ it’s our time you should hand us a glock..bitch
Verse 3 (Bo)
You want a shot well hand em a glock/ I'm a lens ya head my fist and hand it a knot/ hand it a bruise you on death row, hand em a PAC / if my name come out ya mouth I'll handle ya block/ L’z ain't even gotta finish I could handle em stop/ all the rambling im Rambo scramble ya top/ any instrumental I dismantle I'm hot/ let me stop…../You don't gotta give Jeff Props/ my songs get play at stations and it's nothing for me to slide my “wi” in ya “Xbox”/ think it's a “game boy” til our teams clash/Check my squad, line up this a “dream cast”/Me you honor/ but you I don't, you wear Asians for a shield, it's chinks in ya armor/chillin’ in my lane/ feelin’ like 40 Glocc after he got jumped, plotting on ways to kill the game/It's a shame y'all ain't bank on this/ it's a billion ways to get and y'all ain't made one cent?/ y'all bums remind me of the tissue put in a toilet after doodoo’s flush, y'all ain't on shit/YOu can climb up my money, skate on my wrist/ would say get on my level but that's a wayyyyy long trip/ light years/ raps been a dark age, I'm taking it back to the light years/Watch how I shine on em/ you couldn't block it if you put 100 blinds on em/ to guard me dont put nobody blind on em/you gont need a young Hakeem Olajuwon on em/yall dimes I'll go don Juan on em/ the way they blow you'll think they had bombs on em/ it’s 3 o'clock baby better read the time on em/ya crews invertebrates they ain't got no spines on em/ The Livin lounge hide it cuz I'm getting the crown/ spinning round/house kick to ya chin nigga sit down/different sounds lyrical sea you niggas A drown/Swimming' round these sharks we jaws ligaments bound/to get chewed and ripped out click n a pow / chick get out of line in the whip I'm bound to go Chris brown/for the third time I'm done/ stand up and applaud, this time take out the drumz

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