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by Bo Dean from #MashUp
283 Plays

Song Lyrics

All I need is some fish sticks for the charger/ it's all white wit a tad of green like tarter / top gone like I just took it to the barber/ every night I’m the high light no marker…/bro I go harder/ look “buster” I “binky barns” all the “authors”/dicks what that “Ratburn” and that's yo daughter /I gotta babe named “Francine” bro caller/ “the brain” a make you swear you don't know no one smarter/ press pause or rewind bitch/to catch them lines reminisce on channel 9 bitch/life deal ya cards right I gambit mine bitch/bicycle bars, see if you can handle mine bitch/every chick that see me say damn you fine shit/ but I'll get ugly if my circle get a square/ better red n white octagon believing rumors you hear/we a pyramid that'll put you in a rectangle box if u tri our angles ain't no Kurts over here/ you ain't no match for dude/ you the sum of a right angle, I'm the sum of a quadrilateral/I'm 270 degrees higher pumpkin/ my punches put squares on lean like a rhombus/ couldn't find my talent with a compass/ don't matter who u come wit cuz when it's done none of y'all leaving/ speeding in a Volvo With the soul glow/ color Mr. Popo dodging all the popo’s/ woah, the dough grow like the nose on, old Pinocchio when the truth aint told so/ hoes, they on Bo like a long coat when it's cold as the north pole with snow on the road/ I'm froze, get a jacket my nigga/ I'm mike Jackson in thriller minus the jacket with zippers/the fans are the doctors rappers the patience competing to be treated, Im just showing y'all as why I’m iller/ the coldest rapper alive mom should of named me winter/ bars polished up y'all gives listeners the splinters/ splinter cell swag stealth mode on these killers/ call that group luminati cuz they crew not iller/nigga, I'm too far for you to reach at all/ keys keys to the car see we valley park/ kiwi Ashton mar speedin’ after dark/ beep beepin’ at ya dawgs “heehee” I laugh at y'all/ 3GS to the mall see we basketball/Dean he a Macintosh please scream clap applaud/ we lead, believe we ain't slacking off/lookin for me see he a have to travel far/ dawg, cuz I'm chilling in Malan, with a dime who resemble Christina Millian/ when it comes to shows I'm like Amilion’s relationship with Hov cuz I dont fuck with the Jays/. Stacy Adams..Cartier shades/ the designs on the shirts identical to the braids/smooth as a blade, night walker like blade/ my status is liked, no face book page/ don't need a plane cuz the kid that fly/ baby I'm the “boss” no six flag ride/back in may I got the “maybach” grease the grill/ chilling in “Wales” drug free no “pills”/ If you broke getting money should humble you my nigga, I get more “meek” wit each “mill”/”Teflon don” flew a jet to Hong Kong in my fresh Sean Jean chillin’ next to don Juan let me chill

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