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by Bo Dean from #MashUp
285 Plays

Song Lyrics

Ay yo, who else you know that can walk through fire and come out the flame soak and wet?/ I’m too froze Sub Zero ain't cold as Jeff/they can find truth and knowledge in my bars, all u left em was paralyze "pair a lies" like broken necks/Fans feel my pain more than they do Ric Flair’s opponent after he back slap they opened chest/ come at Bo correct/ they mug but I just watch them stairs like I'm approaching a broken step/ Finna put the game in the cobra plex/ dope n def u ain't hear me... My dopes in-depth/lot of fakes getting exposed, I hope ya next/ I done paid my dues, you bros in debt/show respect expect the worst hope for the best/ The way I abandon death is close to neglect/you ain't bout it dude/we look at things different I'm possible to u it's impossible/I'm moving mountains dude.. you moving mountain dew/ damn soda vendor why respond to you/not knowing I'm the best is like leaving that strip on Delmar Boulevard cuz y'all niggas out the loop/ride through Jamaica, powder blue is the gators/model boo colossal boobs and I can prove that I date her/stopping who lil hater?, try and lose all ya wagers/alot of loop I'll pocket dude be honest who's got you favored/Robbin’ who for the paper? Not my crew you won’t take a/ dollar fool, Rocket shoot I promise that you in danger/bangers I make when I cores the pen/they ahead of you but I'm ahead of them/see boy I'm better than I've ever been, it's never been a specimen/wit etiquette and elegance to sway my intelligence/tell a friend to tell a friend their skeletons gelatin/ when Jeff spit fire don't bring out the he'll in him/ the elephant in the room make room when I’m stepping in/heaven scent, so fly the questioning where my feathers went/peasants get Tekken kicked turn owl they head a twist/unless if it's a book in the bible don't test the men/ cuz we bring it, peace leave it bleed leakin/ pee fetus no joke (I REALLY mean it)/ sweet Jesus the genius we peakin’ through the doors of success yes please believe it/these penguins need treatment we seeking green cream and/fiends screaming for me in England/ he drinking if he thinking me he seeing/ keep tweaking, press snooze keep sleeping/'he's semen, my child who needs a beating/ put em on punishment for 3 weeks in/ he a weaklin’, mean demon sweet peachin'/ he sweetness he leading the dweeb legion/ Dean season, every beat I’m deceasing'/ any wHackness he speakin’ we beefin/ your brain on stupid, my pain is music/it's just misery ain't no Saints in Louis/ it's a shame and foolish, these lames ain't movin’/ in uniting, that’s cool I came to do it/y'all just ass, see what I just mashed?/ the first and ground zero with that just track/mixed with real niggas/ nigga I'm real, nigga I'm ill/ my lyrics are lyrical and lyrically literally meant to appeal/ chill, in Coop Deville scooping up bills/move for the kill , shoot for a deal?/ nah the labels shady I'm losin' the feel/ skill, I'm new on the field, looking for mills/ you wanna grill? Cuz boo in the hills that’s new to Brazil wanna get nude in the pool and feel/ this for my real niggas, who bout the dollar dollar bill niggas/ mentor them lil niggas/ teach em how to be a master not a field nigga/ raise life if they make a life and not kill niggas/ this for my real niggas/ yea my real niggas/ niggas they started out with in this game they still niggas/ who keep it real wit niggas/to keep it real wit niggas.. It ain't nothing like a real nigga...yea...

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