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by Bo Dean from #MashUp
Produced by: Urban Legendz
626 Plays

Song Lyrics

(Verse 1):
Yo I be mad at my black race, cuz the leaders that gave blacks faith/ got assassinated and the assassin’s had a black face/ look, here go my black ass, trying cure this black plaque/ but these black hearts wanna black n mild me, but black power I say it proudly/I, give em assistance when they needing some help/ I'm the voice of the people cuz people can't speak for themselves/ man I'm telling ya
life's like a cd that’s stuck on a song called keeps repeating itself/ so many great songs on that album, that we never hear/they don't play love and joy, all they play is hate and fear/ and glorify things that stay when we disappear/ Car pool whack music its polluting our ears/ yea, I stand tall I don’t lean, motivate like Osteen/die a legend like John Lennon, y'all live in shame like Todd bridges/what I write, I live it, what he can't do, bet I did it/ you heard right, sky's the limit, the sky that be above god listen/they want fame, deny admission/ 15 an don't deserve 5 minutes/ or one second, one crown, one chance one shot to get it/my life, my business , you work for my business/ grip strong I hold on, I hold on...hold on

(Bridge) swag swag swag swag swag swag swag swag
(Verse )2:
I spit life like a dick that just nutted/ I pro create with instrumentals birthing lyrical bunions/ of joy for y'all to cherish and feel/ when I die my skills leaving with me I ain't left those in my will/All I left is bocumentaries, Bovembers, Krack Albums/ Enuff Saids and Performances that showed my ass wildin’/pep talks and words of encouragement, my words are encouraging my words Just encourage them/So when I die play my songs to hear my voice/YouTube me to see me, shit you ain't really gotta choice/Start conspiracies, decode my raps don't let me/ rest in peace say I faked my death, call me Krackavelli/but hopefully I die old, drive slow on life's road/Hollywood with no handler, run the race ain't lost stamina/drop juelz like I punched Santana, tryina keep calm like Eric Banna/ get flyers, post banners, red carpets, press cameras/Montana, Atlanta, Hong Kong, Ghana/ Savannah, Louisiana, round the world they Bo chanters/want a friend? Watch Chandler/so right when they so wrong/ my jevity will prolong/ I go strong, hold on

Swag swag swag Swag swag swag swag swag
(Hook x2)
Lyrically loaded tell these rappers to strap up/ less they preaching, no way they pastors (passed us)/these good fish ass artist can't match with us/ take notes I welcome y'all to the mash up

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