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Ryan Meyers fluxes with it

New Video: 'Be It Hated' by Vieem

January 29, 2013 by huryt36ds // #Vieem #BeItHated #MusicVideo #Reviews

Just like Florence, singer-songwriter Vieem is a one woman non stopping machine. The Brooklyn native has been getting attention since first dropping her video, "If Only You'd Know" she made her name with. Now back with her latest "Be It Hated" from the same title album, it's ba-bye sad song and hello Vieem!

With a killer hook and uptempo beat "Be It Hated" sits on pop rock majesty with influences way back to Alanis. Hey, not bad at all. From her clothing to her dance moves to the way she swings a stick, Vieem is all over this one and "in your face". What also sets it off is in the video is the buidling momentum. Pouncing on the screen just as a scorned songstress would. The symbolism of a disheveled hotel room points to the way a person's mind would be after love has melted away in deceit. Other aspects of the wooded and rural areas makes it eerily to swamps where they find bodies. Places where nobody goes and nobody knows how those corpses got there. Seedy hotels out in the middle of nowhere that make you wonder has someone died in here. Creepy, yet entertainingly sublime with twist of artistic flair all set to music.

The video is choreographed in a way that dancing to the rhythm is a must. A real must watch video. I find different aspects in it every time I view it. So, if you like symbolism or just plain like Vieem . Then give "Be It Hated" a look see for sure. If you want to learn more about Vieem visit her website at Also, buy "Be It Hated" on her website or Amazon.

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