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6 people flux with it

Producer Spotlight: Rell The Producer

February 4, 2012 by skov // #hiphop #relltheproducer

Rell The Producer is an up and coming Producer from St. Louis, MO. He comes at the game with a unique style which I can't put my finger on. He's been collaborating with Stevie Stone for his upcoming release. We had a chance to sit down and talk with him about who he is, and where he is going.

S:First off tell us a little about yourself and where you're from?

-R:I'm 24 and from St. Louis, MO. I'm a pretty laid back dude. I like the typical shit. Making beats, making more beats, making even more beats, and making fire ass sandwiches wit cheese. You know, real nigga shit.

S:How'd you get into making beats? Do you play any instruments?

-R:Well my Pops was always making music. He had a studio in the house when I was growing up. So I always fascinated by it. I got a guitar when I was young, and started playing in bands around the area. But I've always wanted to do my own music. The first beats I ever made were on a Playstation 2 - MTV Music Generator. Then I came across a program called Reason. Thats my software of choice.I don't think I'll change that up anytime soon.

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S:Who are some of your influences?

-R:My biggest influence is life. Life is about progression, just like growing musically. Its all about getting better and more diverse, yet staying relevant. But, I pull influences from alot of people --there's alot of producers right now that are grindin heavy. I respect their hustle and work ethic alot. I'm a big fan of 9th Wonder, CardoGotWings, Lex Luger,  Swiff D, Clams Casino - just to name a few. But I listen to all types of music. From hip hop, punk,  to electro. If its good, its good ya know.

S:What are some upcoming projects we can expect?

-R:I've been doing some work with Stevie Stone for his debut album. He's an artist signed to Tech N9ne's label, Strange Music. I can't talk too much about that situation, but keep a look out for that. I got some production on Tef Poe's album, War Machine 2. He's from right here in St. Louis, so check him out. Aside from that, I'm working with an artist named Camus Cren. We got some things popping off. Expect to hear something from us soon.

S:Any shout outs in closing?

-R: Big shout of to the homie, Frizz, Camus Cren ,Stevie Stone, Tef Poe, Rockwell Knuckles, Vandalyzm, The Force, The whole FLUX9 team,, My girl and the Little Diva. Oh and um, Crown Royal and Little Caesars.

Listen to a few beats by Rell The Producer:
Hennesey and Belvedere

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Community Comments

I flux with Rell all day!! I used to peep dude beats on soundclick forever ago!! assuming this is the same rell smh I FLUX with you anyway! March 12, 2012
Bear in the guy February 4, 2012
later this weekend you will be able to hear some of his tracks right here, still working on some things. February 4, 2012
skov fluxes with it
i flux with this all day. my boy farrell gettin his shit out there in the world livin the dream. keep it up and never stop makin music my friend February 4, 2012

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