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New to the Scene: Aeronaut

January 9, 2012 by Ryan Meyers // #aeronaut #joelkelly #zachgrzeskowiak #rock #instrumental

aeronaut. is a post-rock/instrumental band from St. Louis, MO. Aeronaut was formed when Joel Kelly and Zach Grzeskowiak were both looking for something more than the music they were playing. They both have strong influences from Ambient/Instrumental bands, and hadn't really heard anything that exact style in their local scene. They got together and jammed in mid 2011, and have been playing as Aeronaut ever since. I sat down with the guys who just began pre-production work on their self produced first independent e.p.

1. How'd you guys first come together and start playing music?

Z: Well we had known each other for years, but had lost touch. We ran into each other a few times through mutual friends, and started talking about jamming. It just kind of came together.


2. Who are some of you guys's influences?

Z: I'm definitely inspired a whole lot by everything that Adam Young does. It's really hard to say because it changes so often. I draw inspiration from a lot of parts of music. One groovy baseline can send my mind soaring. So it's always changing.

J: I love bands where one guitar player can hold down the fort no problem. I draw inspiration from bands like Portugal. The Man, Tool, Incubus. But like Skov said, it's always changing.

3. Aeronaut's only been a band for a months now, what do you guys have in the works?

J: We just started pre-production on our first e.p. last week actually. We decided to go the "do it yourself" route and I ended up transforming my basement into a recording studio. It's a learning process, but we are coming along.

Z: It's really crazy actually, we practice usually about 2-3 times a week usually for about three hours, so we work on everything. Some practices we write a whole new song, and record another one. That's the cool thing about a two person band, the less people bitching, the better.

4. Tell us about the "Cloud Seeker Demos" songs that you released last month on FLUX9?

Z: Those were the first two songs that we had written, we were stoked on them, and we wanted to share. What more can you say.

J:We wanted to see what everyone thought, and it was a good way for us to pick apart the sound we were going for. We still play those songs, and love 'em.

5. Anything in closing guys?

J: Mainly just be on the lookout for us, 2012 we will be hitting you with stuff constantly.

Z: Listen to Good Music.

Thanks for your time, guys. Check them out here: aeronaut.

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Community Comments

i like how skov had the last word. listen to good music ha love it! January 10, 2012
Ashley Ezell fluxes with it
It was nice to hear you guys jam live! Can't wait for you to upload more music to the site! January 10, 2012

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